About Us


SND ENTREPRISE is a unique supplier company founded in 2019 Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our focusing area of work supply prodocts, goods and materials to the clients as a supplier.

We work to bring our experience and professionalism in our daily mission, because your success is our success. The SND ENTREPRISE team is always ready to help you and give you support in any situation.

We are betting for a fluid and close communication, building a trustful environment with our valued customers, providing excellence in business. Our product supply and services, and our aim to keep the leadership in this sector as well involve us in a process of continuous improvement and evaluation, always adopting to new innovative market solutions.


Our mission is to provide robust, compelling promotional product solutions that create new and strengthen existing relationships between brands and their target audiences. To that end we promise to supply products in a professional and responsible manner- both domestically. To constantly develop and provide innovative ways to help our customers build brand quality with their customers.

To maintain our status as early predictors of marketplace trends and customs by continuing to cultivate broad and deep partner connections. To offer customer service that is knowledgeable and dedicated. The achievement of our corporate mission is at the foundation of our ability to provide excellent service to our clients and partners in Bangladesh.


• To stimulate demand

• To inform consumers

• To persuade consumers

• To promote a new product

• To improve image


We are committed to faster on time delivery