Our experience, service and wide catalog have made us become an innovative company in the retail market in Bangladesh. Nevertheless, we know that all this could not be reached without some values where everything revolves around you, the customers.


We are dedicated to provide you with a differential value in your attention, the latest trends and constant development inside the digital world to make from your purchases a great, easy and optimal experience.


Our brands are an extension of our philosophy; which are best service, quality and extensive catalog with the latest trends. We therefore, assure our clients a reliable success and confidence in their business or service.


You will have one dedicated, 100% human customer service professional assigned to your order. Our representative will keep you updated throughout the ordering process, from the time you get your initial quote to the time your items arrive at your door. From beginning to end, Quality Service and Products is with you all the way.


SND ENTREPRISE is a unique supplier company founded in 2019 Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our focusing area of work to supply prodocts, goods and materials to the clients as a supplier.

We work to bring our experience and professionalism in our daily mission, because your success is our success. The SND ENTERPRISE team is always ready to help you and give you support in any situation.

We are betting for a fluid and close communication, building a trustful environment with our valued customers, providing excellence in business. Our product supply and services, and our aim to keep the leadership in this sector as well involve us in a process of continuous improvement and evaluation, always adopting to new innovative market solutions.


Support a positive environment and help remove obstacles in retail marketing process through previously gained experience.


Have competence and necessary skills in retail marketing sector. As a professional supplier we will provide our service morally and Ethically.


As a company we will to maintain a psychological attachment with our valued customer.


Our service will be knowledge based and we will follow innovative process. We believe in geographical, cognitive, social, institutional and organizational proximity.


To communicate we needs to reduce complex ideas to their essence, so they can both be shared and received. We need to navigate through the obstacles of various social ego and effort required to achieve the clarity we desire.


We are committed to faster on time delivery Service to the client.


Our customer is from different corporates, national and international NGOs, Government agencies, Schools, Collegue, University and other private companies. Mainly we will start from Dhaka, but we have the great opportunity of growing inside the whole Bangladesh by providing new innovations, ideas and needs that will help us to improve every day.

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What We Do

Our experience and local market understanding, helps us to create innovative brand solutions and strong supply chain management. Depending upon our experience and creativity we offer reliable supply lines locally in Bangladesh. In brand promotion we give trusted and quality products and materials, we offer high quality office equipment and branded gift items on various occasion during social festivals.! We Supply-
• Promotional gift items
• Branded gift items
• Sports gift items
• Normal gift items
• Supply Materials

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